Create an estimate
Create an estimate

Build the IT services your business needs

By customizing your services based on the apps you support and the details of your environment, you’ll always receive a subscription that’s uniquely optimized for your business.

Pay on your terms

SecurEdge simplifies network planning and budgeting. Flexible consumption benefits include:

  • Lower upfront costs
  • Decreased risk from not owning your hardware
  • Increased cashflow and buying power
  • Enhanced agility to keep up with technology changes and handle unexpected disruptions
  • Improved performance and consistency across all of your locations

Control and fine-tune access

Role-based access control allows you to specify who can do what within your subscription resources. Establish clear management and access privileges for internal and external team members.


Where collaboration happens

Workspaces brings everyone and everything together in real time, putting an end to silos and today’s outdated IT service delivery experience.

Track your progress in

Visualize and know exactly where you are in the quoting or implementation process with an easy-to-follow tracker.

Say goodbye to never-ending email threads

Quickly ask questions, leave comments, and communicate with your managed service provider in real-time using a familiar chat interface.

Performance Monitoring

Proactively monitor how your end-users are experiencing the network

Gain complete confidence in the quality and stability of your network with a constant feed of performance data across all your locations.


Access built-in tools to expand
your capabilities from day one


Create unique user experiences

Guest is a customizable captive portal, or guest splash page app, that allows you to create a bridge between your brand and your customers as they connect to the network. It's like a concierge desk and a security guard checkpoint for your WiFi.

Certified IT Service Provider Network

Work with MSPs you can trust

Every IT service provider on SecurEdge is vetted to ensure
they can deliver the services they offer, removing the uncertainty
of finding the expert help you need.

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Let SecurEdge refer an
IT service provider for you

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Use your own preferred
IT service provider

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